Audi Lease Pull Ahead Program

A program designed around current lease customers through Audi Finance in combination with the Audi Owner Loyalty Program; the Audi Pull Ahead Program. Now, eligible Audi customers will qualify for up to three (3) waived (capped) payments when leasing through Audi Finance.

If you currently lease any of the above Audi models through Audi Finance, you may receive up to 3 of your final payments waived and get into your new Audi, sooner.

As described above, each model group is defined with a monthly payment cap of the payments to be waived.

Audi A3 | S3 | Q3 | Q5

If you are currently driving an Audi A3, S3, Q3 or Q5 and would like to upgrade to another Audi through Audi Finance, Audi Canada and Audi Durham are pairing up to cover up to $450 per payment for up to 3 payments.

Audi A4 | S4 | A5 | S5 | Q5 | SQ5 | TT | TTS

If it’s the Audi A4 or S4, or even the A5, S5, Q5 and SQ5 models, you qualify to waive up to $550 per month on your (up to) last 3 monthly payments. The TT and TTS models will also qualify for up to your last 3 waived payments up to $550/month.

Audi A6 | S6 | A7 | S7 | Q7 | RS5

As the Lessee of these beautiful models, you can qualify for up to $850 per payment on up to 3 monthly payments. The A6 and S6, the A7 and S7, the Q7 and RS5 all fall under this amount!

Audi RS7 |A8 | S8 | R8

Lastly, any current RS7, A8, S8 or R8 lease contracts through Audi Finance may be qualified for up to $1,200 per month waived payments on your last 3 payments!!

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Terms and Conditions

Program Period: January 3, 2017 – January 1, 2018
Customer Eligibility:
• Any active Audi Finance lease account
• Current lease account must be in good standing
• Original lessee and/or co-lessee must be on the new contract
• Can be transferred between a corporation and its principal(s)
• Customers who are currently participating in the Single Pay Lease option, Lease Extension Program, Audi Ambassador 1% Lease Program, or Corporate Fleet Programs are not eligible.
• Customers are not eligible for the program if the new vehicle will participate in the Audi Ambassador 1% Lease
Program or Corporate Fleet Programs.
• Remaining Customer Payments are based on the new vehicle contract date. For factory orders, production delays or any other event which reduces the number of remaining payments at time of the new vehicle contract date will result in reduced LPA Credit(s) funded by Audi Canada.
• Participating Dealer is responsible for covering the first LPA Credit.
• Audi Canada will cover up to two (2) LPA Credits.

The Lease Pull Ahead Credit varies by model:


• If Participating Dealer elects to purchase the vehicle at Market Price (FROR) or Turn-In the vehicle, any customer payments remaining (or portion thereof), net of applicable LPA Credits will be reflected as an outstanding balance on the customer’s Audi Finance account and invoiced to the customer.

Eligible Maturing Accounts:
• Type: Lease
• Make: Audi
• Current Model: All Models
• Model Year: All
• Term: All
• Delinquent Accounts: Not Eligible
• Maturing Account can only be associated with one Lease Pull Ahead Form
Eligible New Accounts:
• Type: Finance or Lease
• Make: Audi
• Model: All
• Model Year: 2017MY or 2018MY
• Term: All
• OMD Web Status: All new, unregistered, and previously unreported VIN’s.
• Reported Sold Date: Report new vehicle sold in OMD Web on or before January 3, 2018.
• Rate Protection Program does not apply.
Customer’s Responsibility:
• Finance or Lease a new Audi through Audi Finance
• All past due monthly payments
• All remaining monthly payments made before dealer purchase or turn-in date, including any portion of payments in excess of the LPA Credit(s).
• Applicable Excess Kilometre or Wear and Tear Charges