Seasonal Tire Swap Over

Need Your Winter Tires Done?

We understand that COVID-19 is causing some frustrations with having your Seasonal Tires installed. It may sound safe to just install your Summer Wheels but there is more to the story that relates to Social Distancing. Do you know that, when your wheels are installed you will have at least 4 different people in/around your vehicle throughout the visit? Here’s how it works

  • You: You are the primary Driver the vehicle which drops off the vehicle
  • Service Advisor: Completes Check in of your vehicle
  • Tire Storage: Employee of Tire Storage Company handles your wheels and drops off at our Facility.
  • Technician Installs the supplied wheels onto your vehicle.
  • Vehicle is reviewed, washed and ready for pick up.

These are all points that we focus on during this time to stop the spread! Some notes regarding Winter wheels:


Statistically, the temperature in April is around 2 –11 degrees centigrade.  You still have plenty of time to have your tires safely exchanged if you wait.


We get it!

Many of you are home right now and would like to get your tires swapped, but please trust us, we have time to do this properly and safely while respecting social distancing!

Below is the 14 day weather forecast (taken from the weather network) which shows weather as low as 4 degrees during the daytime and -1 overnight. The highest temperature listed is 11 degrees this Friday and Monday, and this should only marginally affect the performance of the tires (if you refer to the chart above).


We are in process of creating a 2 Day Blast on Winter Tires. How it works:

When all Technicians are back on site after 2-week COVID-19 Shut Down, we will have a designated 2 Days that we have all staff on duty and create a Quick Stop installation!

In and out within 15 minutes. Nothing but Tires!

We ask you to be please be Patient and please respect the Social Distancing, we can get through this together!

To sign up, please fill out the form below

Please be advised this is a first come, first serve basis.